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Ball School Heidelberg - The Original Since 1998!

In 1998, Ball School Heidelberg was founded by Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth Institute of Sports and Sports Science at Heidelberg University. A programme which was traditionally meant for talent development has become a sports programme for all children. Ball School Heidelberg is based on recent knowledge of sports science. It does not follow the principle „the main thing is sports“. Its basic philosophy – which is unique in this way – is rather based on four key principles, which are considered as indispensable, non-interchangeable elements for all child-oriented support programmes.

  • "Children are not specialists but allrounders!"
  • "Children are not small adults!"
  • "The proof of the pudding is in the eating!"
  • "Skills come with playing!"


Why do we need promotion of movement?

The world of children today is not a world of movement anymore. The culture of playing in the streets has largely vanished from their daily routine. Experts are talking about a „trap of sitting“ and a growing up „generation @“. Balls are not scored by bicycle kicks anymore, but rather by mouse clicks. Unfortunately, we know today that children who are reserved to do sports usually become seldomly moving teenagers and eventually lazy grown-ups.