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Ball School Heidelberg - National Center Austria

With our club "Förderverein Ball School Heidelberg in Austria" we pursue the goal to establish Prof. Dr. Klaus Roth's Ball School Heidelberg in kindergartens, schools and clubs. Since 2015 we have the status of an International Ball School Center. We thus represent Ball School Heidelberg in Austria and are exclusively authorized to run trainings programs and conclude cooperations with kindergartens, schools clubs and federations. We are also entitled to establish cooperating National Ball School Centres and we are contractually obliged to follow the scientifically proven training curriculum of Ball School Heidelberg. The implementation of certain directives is also demanded by our cooperation partners.

Note: Only official partners are allowed to use texts, templates and other content of the Ball School Heidelberg in an unchanged form. We clearly point out in this context that our official cooperation partners are clearly identified as such.