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In order to implement the concept of the Ball School Heidelberg, the National Center Austria makes binding agreements with kindergartens and elementary schools and concludes cooperation agreements with sports clubs, sports associations and commercial sports providers. The rules of a cooperation with the ball school are simple and manageable.

The following services are provided by the Ball School Heidelberg after completion of a cooperation:

  •     Provision of evaluated exercise programs
  •     Training and further education of ball school leaders
  •     Provision of curriculas and hourly systematics
  •     Provision of sports event and sports camp concepts
  •     Advice on the organization and practical implementation of the ball school

In return, the Ball School Heidelberg expects from its partners - in the sense of quality assurance - the faithful implementation of the children's sports program and the exclusive use of appropriately trained and advanced ball school leaders.

You would like compact information material for cooperation, which you, for example, show in the next meeting? Simply enter your address in the contact form below and we will send you flyers and our information folder by post in the next few days!

Please note: All requests will be collected and handed over to the post office at the end of the week.